6900 XT miss reporting core voltage

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Im seeing amd radeon software report 1150 to 1175v while hwinfo reports a max of 1.136v and that while i have set prefer amd adl on.

Im currently testing broken drivers from AMD MPO being broken and possibly power states possibly as well, but that is probably unrelated to the issue with hwinfo.
Which value in HWiNFO are you referring to, the "GPU Core Voltage (VDDCR_GFX)" ?
AFAIK AMD drivers/ADL often report the voltage request, not the actual measured voltage. So HWiNFO should be more accurate.
Yes sorry for late response im trying to hit 50 times level 50 before pre patch in wow and stress test to see if i still have system freezes while forcing vsync off at same time, as i did not have system freezes on older drivers, again tho unrelated to bug report.
Anyway i rather prefer adl values to avoid any conflicts but its miss reporting, i believe framerate is also miss reported still

Heck framerate is also miss reported by a huge margin
getting 300 fps in game reports 150 or so
It should just get all the values from AMD adl if i check that even if it recommends not doing so due being less accurate, it should least match amd adl.
Sorry for double or triple posting having the fps counter be accurate would mean have 1 piece of software less to install cos if hwinfo starts first before rtss i have to restart hwinfo to make rtss fps counter show up, which has gotten a bit annoying at times but is rare.
The FPS reported by HWiNFO relies on an internal GPU counter, which doesn't seem to be very reliable.
You'll have to stick with the RTSS one if you want a more accurate.
Meh i guess its just AMD bug with fps counter perhaps i should bug report it to them instead, im guessing the gpu voltage miss report is easy fix tho since it does report correctly in radeon software
Radeon software most probably (and ADL) report the voltage setpoint (requested voltage), while HWiNFO reports the voltage supplied/measured. So it's similar to difference between VID - Vcore.
IMO "correct voltage" is what HWiNFO reports.
I do like to update that 22.11.1 now reports voltage higher again i gues the real value is proof why it was unstable before and causing system freezes.
AMD drivers are freaking nightmare i guess seeing real value of the voltages are more useful then what AMD ADL reports.
edit: it boost higher to im not even overclocking lol.
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