About Sensor Status


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I try to read this volt readings in sensor status. But I see two, one that reads winbond/Nuvoton and one that display my motherboard card ASUS P7P55D, I see that they differnce some in reading, etc +12v. Winbond/Nuvoton reads slightly lower than the readings under ASUS P7P55D. Under Asus etc Motherboard temp reads 26c, but under winbond motherboard show up with 42c.

So what does this mean? And what is Winbond/Nuvoton?

Photo from the sensor:
I'm sorry, but that EC sensor is an ASUS-specific one and I don't have any further information about it. Only ASUS knows exactly.
You might check with ASUS tools which of those values in HWiNFO is closer to the one reported by ASUS.