AC/DC Loadline and VRM monitoring support for Z490 boards

Good call. I had installed and messed with Gigabyte's anemic RGB software and it was still blocking access even after exiting out. All the info is there after removing it and restarting. Thanks.
The only other thing I'm seeing is that at extreme idle (so cores in deep c7 states and extremely little load on the VRMs) occasionally some of the readings will "underflow" I suppose and show as ~65534 scaled to whatever precision is used for that metric. This only happens at extreme idle but it can make tracking maximums tricky unless you're diligent about resetting.



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Can anyone help me understand my Current (IOUT) @ 6,544.000 A.
Something wrong with my motherboard or PSU?


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That looks like an invalid readout due to deep idle mode. I will filter out such erratic values in the next build.