AC high flow NEXT


Hi Martin,

I want to ask you if you plan to support the new high flow next of Aqua Computer? I use hwinfo to control my system and especially flow is necessary to know to detect a pump malfunktion immediately. Also the conductivity of the liquid would be nice to control...

Thanks for your great software and your help!
I don't have information about this device protocol. Once I get it, I will add support.
Hi Martin,

I registered just to reply to this post.
Would love to see support for the new Aqua Computer High Flow NEXT. Do you have any news?
Seeing as you quickly implemented support for most of the new Aqua Computer products, hopefully this will also get resolved soon.
Sorry, no update. We still don't have any information about this device. You (as their customer) might ask Aquacomputer to provide the information to us, then we can integrate it.
I am happy to confirm that the latest update v6.42 included support for High Flow NEXT sensor and it is working properly!


Thank you Martin :)
Although there are some more values shown inside the Aqua Computer Aquasuite software, which are not shown in HWiNFO.

They are: Volume, Power, Software Sensor 1...8.

It's possible that these values are just calculated inside the Aquasuite software, so you probably won't be able to access them. But I just wanted to make sure that you didn't miss them.
I can take a look at this, but I will need to you provide a HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data and note down what those values were showing in Aquasuite at the time you made the dump.
Hi Martin,
I got the info from Sebastian (aquasuite), only phsical sensor values are exported. As mentioned from torexbo, as example the value Temperature difference in K is a virtuall value, therfore it will not exported.
You can find the information on aquasuite forum.