After adding some new Aquacomputer devices, some original devices no longer appear in HWINFO


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I have several Aquacomputer devices which were all reported in HWINFO. Specifically, an Octo, D5 Next pump, High Flow Next, Leakshield, and 2 Farbwerk360. They all showed up in the HWINFO main sensor panel. So far so good.

Recently I acquired some additional Aquacomputer devices in preparation for a new build. I connected them all to my existing rig to test them. The added items are 2 more Octo’s, another High Flow Next, and 2 Power Adjust 3's. These new devices all show up in HWINFO along with the original Farbwerk 360's and Leakshield, but now the original Octo, High Flow Next, and D5 Next no longer appear. I checked the Layout tab and nothing is hidden. I also enabled "Show all fans (including stopped or not present)" and clicked "Restore Original Order" but it made no difference.

All Aquacomputer devices appear in Aquasuite and SIV, but not HWINFO. What could cause this and what can I do about it?
This might be due to some internal limits in HWiNFO. How many Aquacomputer devices you have now?
Also the HWiNFO Debug File might be useful.
A lot :p. Total Aquacomputer USB devices is now 11. Eight of them show up in HWINFO.

I have attached the DEBUG file which hopefully I generated correctly. I enabled Debug and disabled Debug Write Protect. Since the main sensor panel window was already open, I assumed the scan was already done, so I closed HWINFO and then reopened it. After doing that, the Debug file appeared.


Wow, that's an impressive build! HWiNFO has an internal limit of 8 Aquacomputer devices, I didn't expect anyone to have more :D
I will extend this limit in the next build.
Thanks, Martin, for doing this and for your quick response on a Sunday and a holiday weekend! When I counted how many I had and how many were reported (8), it made sense that I hit your limit. To be fair, they are not all for my current rig. I am starting to purchase items for my next rig and I wanted to hook them all up and make sure they work.

Lessons Learned - I bought an Octo from a guy on Reddit who claimed he bought it from Aquatuning and then discovered that his fans could not plug into it because they had a proprietary connector. He said he never even opened the box. When I got it, the clear sticker they put over the box top was still intact so I believed him and did not bother to test it. Eleven months later I finally hooked it up only to discover that it was completely dead. I also recently bought 2 Power Adjust 3's from an online vendor that is going out of business. They also came in factory-sealed boxes but when I hooked them up, they worked but Aquasuite said their free 6-month update period expired in December 2016. Now I test everything I buy when I receive it, regardless of where it came from or whether the factor sticker is intact. It is quite easy to get Aquacomputer devices out of their boxes through the bottom of the box but what honest person would do that? o_O
Sad but true.

I will keep an eye out for the next HWINFO update so I can joyfully scroll through all of my Aquacomputer devices. :cool: I must say I honestly don't know how you keep up with this forum and sometimes suspect there is more than one of you responding to posts. However you do it, IMHO this is what makes HWINFO so great. Thank you again for dealing with this issue, and for all that you do.
No, it's just me :D But indeed it's hard to keep up with everything so I'm considering extending the "team".
Thanks Martin. I didn’t see this issue listed in the v7.47-5120 beta update notes but was hoping you increased the limit. I’ll check it tonight and report back.
Update - It works perfectly. All 11 Aquacomputer devices are reported. Thank you again for getting this done so promptly. Is the limit now 16 Aquacomputer devices?
Challenge Accepted! I am really impressed with Aquacomputer's products. The biggest challenge is finding them in stock. I also really like Aquasuite, though it does have some issues. It's still the best cooling component control software out there. Thanks again Martin.
Hey Martin. I am running v7.47-5120 beta which includes the increase in the Aquacomputer device count limit. All machines are running Windows 10 v22H2 Build 19045.3031. Is there any reason for me to use v7.46, and if I do, does it also have the updated Aquacomputer limit? Seems like this issue is limited to Windows 11.
The limit was increased in v v7.47 so how can an older version have that change too? ;)