Afterburner not able to display DIMM temperature even after it shows in HWINFO Sensor window.


Having some trouble getting Afterburner to save DIMM settings. I have added the sensors, but nothing will save.

Do your DIMM have thermal sensor? Also not all servers REG ECC DIMM (RDIMM) have it. Example server's REG ECC DIMM Samsung M393B5170GB0-CK0 (read specification's and THAIPHOON BURNER Super Blaster report) is have it and HWiNFO64 show DIMM temperature, but desktop DIMM's Kingston HyperX Genesis KHX1600C9D3K4/16GX don't have it - in to specification me can read string Module Temperature Sensor: Not Supported (also in to THAIPHOON BURNER Super Blaster report).
What am I expected to do if the problem is in Afterburner ?
Hi Martin.
Previous email was a little vague. Apologies.
Just hoping to find a solution, as things are a bit hairy atm with Alexey Nicolaychuk and MSI.

Just replying now because I just purchased the pro version of HWINFO64 (fantastic software by the way) hoping it may have resolved an issue I've been having for a while.

I have quite a few HWINFO sensors being used with Afterburner/RTSS:
GPU Core Voltage, CPU Core 0 VID, Motherboard temps to name a few. All Work flawlessly in Afterburner/RTSS. I can override graph/group names and monitor in-game using HWINFO64's 'Shared Memory Support' ... except for the DIMM Temperature Sensors. I can't override graph/group names and they won't show in RTSS's OSD.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, Kel
There are two ways how to get data from HWiNFO into RTSS:
- Either configure HWiNFO via the RTSS tab to export data straight into RTSS, or
- Use MSI Afterburner with the HWiNFO plugin which will pull data from HWiNFO and then configure in MSI AB for RTSS
Which of those methods are you using? If it's the second one and DIMM temperatures are showing in HWiNFO sensors, then the problem is in MSI AB.
Definitely the second one. Just thought it was weird they're the only sensors non configurable in Afterburner. Very strange that all options are there, they just won't stick for some reason.
Appreciate the prompt reply.