AMD R9 390X2 crossfire black screen issue


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I bought a 2 Sapphire R9 390X Tri-x OC Graphics card yesterday
but when i enable crossfire with running hwinfo, my screen blackout and i cant control my PC.
It doesn't happen when i close hwinfo.
is there any way to fix this problem?
sorry for bad English.
If you enable Crossfire when HWiNFO is not running and then start it, is it OK ?
So you need to completely uninstall HWiNFO for this to work?
Please try to disable the "Persistent Driver" option in HWiNFO and then try to switch Crossfire when HWiNFO is installed, but not running.
it happens when i click remove in the driver management.
when i click it shows HWiNFO Driver removed successfully
but it shows Installed in Current Status. so iclicked it again then it shows the error
When i enable crossfire with running HWiNFO, my PC get blackscreen with no signal.
But it doesn't happen when i uninstall HWiNFO.
So I tried to disable Persistent Driver.
it worked first time but blackscreen happend again from second time.
Then I tried to remove HWiNFO driver. It shows removed successfully but Current Status shows Installed so I clicked remove again. Error comes out:
Cannot stop HWiNFO64 driver [StopService (0x425)]
Cannot remove existing HWiNFO64 driver [DeleteService (0x430)]
That looks like something is blocking the HWiNFO driver.
Try to make sure "Persistent Driver" is disabled and driver not installed.
Then reboot the machine and perform the Crossfire switch only when HWiNFO is not running.