Annoying quirk involving GPU fan speed sensor


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I set up a sensor on my GPU fan.  Most of the time it's inactive since my GPU has a good heatsink and the fan usually isn't running.

When the fan DOES turn on then the graph pops up on the screen.  If I'm browsing the web or something like that, it's a amusing quirk.  If I'm playing a game it's, at best, mildly annoying.  But it can be a real problem.

For example, I started up Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.  It defaulted to full screen video - which is how I would normally play it.  After a few minutes the GPU fan kicked in and the chart popped up.  On this game that meant the rest of the screen went to black.  And, when I minimized the GPU fan speed graph, the screen stayed black!  No matter what I did, I couldn't make the game show up again.  I could do things like bring run task manager but when I tried to USE task manager to cancel the game I couldn't see it - black screen.

Now the fact that the screen was black isn't HWInfo's fault.  Some quirk in the game.  And, after I rebooted (the only way to get out of the situation!), I told the game to use a window instead of full screen the problem with HWInfo popping up didn't crash the game.

But my point is... I don't want the GPU fan speed graph to pop up when the GPU fan is turned on unless I have HWInfo not minimized.