Anyone know of a safe "individualized" source for Intel Drivers and Bios that were removed from Intel Support site.


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And Yes, I found the 325Gb torrent on and I may end up setting up a repository server for these one fine day but that day can't be now… It's at least a little wacky to think that everyone who wants a driver or bios file needs to download a 325gb torrent.
This is why I emphasized individualized.
I must have been in a comma or deep in a job when Intel announced they were removing years of support files as I didn't notice until now.
It is amazing how may *.in .mu .na sites there are for these downloads and they all say -- FREE - TESTED -- SAFE.

There appear to be numerous sources for these files, some free/pay but after checking into nearly a dozen of them without finding references I decided to reach out to the community for suggestions. I can't be alone in attempting to find a safe source for deprecated INTEL BIOS files.

Really need Bios for DQ67OW desktop board

Thank you
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