Are CPU and GPU details on OSD possible?


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I recently met with HWInfo and very impressed. Thank you and congratulations for this wonderful software.

I checked but cannot find a way to write CPU and GPU details on OSD. I am taking screenshots of games with various hardwares and it will be useful to see which hardwares of interest are present at the time of ss.

Something like that:
AMD Ryzen 1700
MSI GTX 1080Ti

CPU: 80%
GPU: 100%

If I could somehow carry group headers to OSD, I'd be fine. Any pointers? 

Thank you and kind regards.
This would be only possible if you would rename some sensor values to include the HW names.
Thank you for fast response. I'll do as you suggested but i guess that's prone to errors.

Would you please consider adding this for future versions? That may be invaluable to reviewers.

Kind regards.
Well due to the way how OSD items are being assigned to OSD the simplest way would be for me to allow putting sensor headings there, which contain component names too.
But this wouldn't be fool proof, as any user can rename those too.