Asus ROG G751JY CPU fan reading



first of all, thank you for the excellent work Martin. I use HWiNFO since years without a problem... well, until now  :D

I have an Asus ROG G751JY, using HWiNFO64 v5.36-2960, that shows me both CPU fan speed and GPU fan speed.
I use Notebook Fan Control to control both fans.

About the GPU fan speed, HWiNFO uses EC support and it works well, reporting the exact actual speed reading from EC offsets 0x95 and 0x96 (register 149 and 150).
I calculate myself the speed value using this method Fan Control on Asus Prime UX31/UX31A/UX32A/UX32VD.

Regarding the CPU fan, it seems that HWiNFO does not use EC support for it, but it reports this speed reading from ACPI objects, and does not report the actual exact CPU speed, but fixed values (2200, 2300, 2400, etc).
The "problem" appears when my CPU fan goes at maximum speed (that is supposed to be about 4100 rpm), HWiNFO reports 25500 rpm, that is obviously a wrong value.
Is it possible to enable EC support also for the CPU fan? Its speed can be read from EC offsets 0x93 and 0x94 (register 147 and 148), and the method is the same as the one for the GPU fan.

Thanks :)
HWiNFO should be reading both fans from the mentioned EC offsets.
Can you please attach the HWiNFO Debug File, so I can check this in detail?
That confirms HWiNFO reads both fan speeds from EC. So I'm not sure why it doesn't report the expected CPU fan value. Are you sure the EC reports it properly?
Uhm, I calculate it and I get about 4100 rpm at maximum speed.
If can help, SpeedFan reports about 4110 rpm for CPU fan.

Anyway, if I disable "EC Support" in HWiNFO64 Settings only GPU fan will disappear, CPU fan speed is still there, under "ACPI: ASUS G751JY".
Then, if I disable "Evaluate ACPI Methods" CPU fan speed will disappear... that's why I thinked that HWiNFO reads CPU fan speed from ACPI.

EDIT: I restored Original Order, and now HWiNFO shows me 2 CPU fan reading: one from EC that goes correctly at about 4100+ rpm, and another one from ACPi that reports 25500 rpm.
Maybe when I customized my layout, for some reason CPU fan was not read from EC and I have hidden it or covered it with another value of the layout.  :blush:
Yes, I think it was something with the custom order.
Glad that it's resolved now :)