AUXTIN1 + Vcore readings


Hello, im having trouble with my vcore and auxtin1 values..

My BIOS monitor says i´m using 1.32v but hwinfo (and others like cpu-z etc) is reporting 1.48v at full what should i believe? 
My temps are 65/70c with the reported 1.48v which seems unrealistic really..

AUXTIN1 is always fluctuating between 100..110c, this one maybe its vrm/mosfet related but my vrm its cool if i touch anybody know what´s the auxtin1?

ASRock Z370 extreme4 + i5 8600k.

AUXTIN1 is an invalid readout, that sensor input is most probably not connected on your mainboard.
Your BIOS doesn't show the actual Vcore as the conditions in BIOS are different from full load in OS. You might compare it with A-Tuning, but I believe it will show the same Vcore value as other tools.
Ok thanks for the info -)
The BIOS not sure, ATuning is giving me same results as HWInfo, but even with all stock/default options set in bios im getting readings in Windows of 1.3v which is too high for stock. Does not make much sense unless im having some kind of problem.. what do you think?
With default values and no OC i get 1.168v readings in Bios, But in hwinfo i get in the range of 0.700v to 1.300v.
But ok, i was under the impression that entering BIOS it applied max voltages.

Ill check this better, trying a lot more options in BIOS, see if i can at least lower the vcore a bit.
Thanks for your help.
You're welcome. Best would be to check on some forums with users of the same mainboard.