Average Effective Clock and Core Effective Clocks on Idle


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it's been a week or 2 since I've really monitored anything in HWInfo and I've forgotten a lot about how some sensors are meant to behave. what caught me attention was the Average Effective Clock and Core Effective Clocks, particularly on idle load

they are usually between 100-300mhz unless I'm completely still, but they can typically rise up to 500mhz+ and the maximum values are usually upward of 2,000mhz.

circled the clocks (the other blue shading is to block out some text from the tab behind HWInfo), but this was the behavior of the Core and Average Effective Clocks while browsing, with no youtube video or music playing in the background. the temps are normal, they're 33-40c, usually my Core Clocks are a bit lower on idle but 3,400mhz is still typical

this erratic mhz spiking is expected?
It's normal - if cores are sleeping (lower C-State) then effective clock can drop to almost 0.