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 I ran scan of my comp & have a basic question.  Is the Ram speed listed the max or what is current at the time of the scan? I'm thinking max. Here is the Ram info,
Row: 1 - 4096 MB PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM Kingston HP655410-150-HYCG        
[General Module Information]  
Module Number: 1  
Module Size: 4096 MBytes  
Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM  
Module Type: Unbuffered DIMM (UDIMM)  
Memory Speed: 800.0 MHz (DDR3-1600 / PC3-12800)  
Module Manufacturer: Kingston  
Module Part Number: HP655410-150-HYCG  
Module Revision: 0  
Module Serial Number: 647832761  
Module Manufacturing Date: Year: 2012, Week: 42  
Module Manufacturing Location: 4  
SDRAM Manufacturer: SK Hynix  
Error Check/Correction: None      
[Module characteristics]  
Row Address Bits: 15  
Column Address Bits: 10  
Number Of Banks: 8  
Module Density: 2048 Mb  
Number Of Ranks: 2  
Device Width: 8 bits  
Bus Width: 64 bits  
Module Nominal Voltage (VDD): 1.5 V      
[Module timing]  
Minimum SDRAM Cycle Time (tCKmin): 1.250 ns  
CAS# Latencies Supported: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11  
Minimum CAS# Latency Time (tAAmin): 13.125 ns  
Minimum RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCDmin): 13.125 ns  
Minimum Row Precharge Time (tRPmin): 13.125 ns  
Minimum Active to Precharge Time (tRASmin): 35.000 ns        
Supported Module Timing at 800.0 MHz: 11-11-11-28  
Supported Module Timing at 733.3 MHz: 10-10-10-26  
Supported Module Timing at 666.7 MHz: 9-9-9-24  
Supported Module Timing at 600.0 MHz: 8-8-8-21  
Supported Module Timing at 533.3 MHz: 7-7-7-19  
Supported Module Timing at 466.7 MHz: 7-7-7-17  
Supported Module Timing at 400.0 MHz: 6-6-6-14        
Minimum Write Recovery Time (tWRmin): 15.000 ns  
Minimum Row Active to Row Active Delay (tRRDmin): 6.000 ns  
Minimum Active to Active/Refresh Time (tRCmin): 48.125 ns  
Minimum Refresh Recovery Time Delay (tRFCmin): 160.000 ns  
Minimum Internal Write to Read Command Delay (tWTRmin): 7.500 ns  
Minimum Internal Read to Precharge Command Delay (tRTPmin): 7.500 ns  
Minimum Four Activate Window Delay Time (tFAWmin): 30.000 ns      
Partial Array Self Refresh (PASR): Not Supported  
On-die Thermal Sensor (ODTS) Readout: Not Supported  
Auto Self Refresh (ASR): Supported  
Extended Temperature 1X Refresh Rate: Not Supported  
Extended Temperature Range: Supported  
Module Temperature Sensor: Not Supported  
Pseudo Target Row Refresh (pTRR): Not Supported  
Module Nominal Height: 29 - 30 mm  
Module Maximum Thickness (Front): 1 - 2 mm  
Module Maximum Thickness (Back): 1 - 2 mm

Yes, 800.0 MHz is the maximum clock supported by your memory module.
Note, that DDR memories are usually marketed using effective speed (Double Data Rate), which is DDR3-1600 in your case.
OK, thanks. I thought that it should run at 1600MHz & had read somewhere that HP limited it to 800MHz on my Pavilion p6-2326s (Foxconn 2ADA) board.