BSOD when using Edge to watch Netflix


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Yes, seems very specific..

I closed HWINFO and tried to watch Netflix on Edge and it worked. Launched it, minimized it to tray, and when I opened a Netflix show on Edge, the BSOD appeared.

I've spoken to Netflix before I knew what caused it and they're not aware of any issues on Edge.

I've sent AMD (I have a Ryzen 1600 and RX 580) an email about this issue but yet to have gotten a response.

Is it a coincidence or is HWINFO doing something funny that Edge doesn't like?

What sort of information do you need from me to trace it down and see if it's an issue on your end, or maybe it's Microsoft/AMD?
First please try the latest Beta version of HWiNFO and see if the problem still happens.
If yes, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File of the BSOD for analysis.
My bad, didn't see/read that post about debug mode. I've attached the file to this post, I used the latest beta (for the meantime, I've uninstalled HWINFO).


This seems to be a crash caused by AMD GPU drivers. Which Radeon driver version are you using?
I cannot fix this, will notify AMD about that.
I’m using 18.6.1, and I think it also happened on the previous ones, 18.5.1.
I’ve sent them a message about this, but they’re taking their time for now, haven’t heard anything from them, yet.

Thanks for investigating this, though. I’ll be keeping an eye out on future releases to see if it’s fixed, I love HEINFO!
If AMD will require more information from you, you can tell them the crash happens during a call to their ADL library.