BSOD Windows 1803 RS4


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Hi, first and foremost I appreciate the work you do over here. Yesterday I had a peculiar BSOD and I used quickly the BSOD analyzer for a quick reference. I'm not a great debugger but the program that seemed to cause the crash was HWInfo64. I'll leave the mini dump and the specs of this PC. If there's any help I would greatly appreciate it. Further revising some threads over here, I've disabled the periodic polling (this was done after the BSOD). Leaving the link for the file and the full specs of the PC. Also the PC went BSOD while being in idle; wasn't in middle of any load.

CPU: Intel i7 8700
Motherboard: MSI B360M Mortar (Bios 1.31)
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 2666mhz 8x2GB
GPU: GIGABYTE GTX 1060 Windforce OC 6G (Driver version 398.18 hotfix driver)
Storage: WD Green 120GB + HDD 1TB WD Blue
Windows version: 1803 (17134.112) (High Performance Profile)

Thank you very much.


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Martin said:
Does the BSOD happen also after disabling Periodic Polling?

After one day and a half of normal use, that BSOD happened. I've disabled it and one day and a half has passed, no BSOD yet. Hope disabling Periodic Polling fixed it. I forgot to mention the HWInfo I'm using; 5.85-3460 Beta.