Repetitive crashes and BSOD


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Hi everyone,

Coming here hoping that someone might be able to help me cause i'm kinda lost about what to do next.

My PC specs:

MB: MPG x570 gaming edge wifi
CPU : Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: aorus rtx 3080
RAM : 2x16 Corsair vengeance pro (DDR4 3600mhz)
SSD: 1To with windows install
HDD: 1 To with old windows installed (might be a source of problem too ? I did not format when upgrading for ssd)
HDD: 2TO mainly for games install

Now, the problem(s?), at the start of the summer my pc started crashing with freezes and rebooting sometimes warning me with something like "over current detected on your usb device", tested different things, thought about changing my MB, fianlly found that on my MB's the usb port where my keyboard was connected seemed a bit damaged, so I plugged it somewhere else. The problem seemed to be fixed.
I decided to upgrade my pc, so I bought a new GPU (second hand), AIO watercooling (second hand), power supplie (second hand, 750W Corsair) and upgraded my RAM from 16 to 32 (the ram kit is brand new, ordered from Amazon).
The pc seemed to run fine, I experienced some crash on one specific cutscene from "marvel's spiderman remastered" but when it rebooted everything was fine.

I wanted to play to Star Wars Jedi fallen order (installed on my 2TO HDD) and here things went bad, I kept crashing again and again on the same cutscene, sometimes with BSOD, sometimes just huge freeze and awful noise. Most BSOD had the message "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" but I had some differents too, remember one was talking about memory.
I ran sfc/scannow, got warned that I had corrupted files that couldnt be fixed, so I ran DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and CheckHealth, that fixed the sfc/scannow but I kept crashing... tried the windows test for the memory, told me everything was ok, udated my MB drivers, I was finally able to go to the end of the cutscene but my pc kept crashing later, infinite loading icon on the game while it's running, then I can't alt+tab or open windows menu, then the game freeze but the sound keep playing, then sometimes BSOD, sometimes awful noise... tried to disable my XMP profile but the problem persist.. sometimes the freeze stop itself and I can play again but must of the time it's a complete crash.
I ran fast errors scans on my 3 drives with hd tune and they all came clean, I might try to run them again without "quick scan" option.

On my last try I played while running HWINFO and I saw that I had a error in windows hardware section after a freeze, "Machine check errors amd64", kinda clueless about what it means...

Is anyone aware of that kind of problem ?
Unfortunately this kind of errors could have too many different culprits.
First thing I would do is disconnect every hardware that isn't essential for boot and operation. Like disconnect all HDDs/DVD drives (and their cables) and any USB devices (except keyboard/mouse)
...and try to run system for a few hours or maybe a couple of days.

You can also try to use HWiNFO to capture the error (system must not crash/restart) with the help of debug (DBG) file.

upload it here and maybe @Martin could pinpoint something