bug with cpu speed on sensors screen


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i have a weird problem, i have a amd fx 8350 with two bad cores 7th and 8th .. so i have to disable those in the bios and i can use the computer with no restarts or bsod

when i open the app the speeds of the cpu its ok, it changes by going iddle etc  ... like this https://ibb.co/gfhAu7

but when i open the sensor window all the clocks of the cpu get stuck on what ever number was when it got open ... like this red figure https://ibb.co/dV5r1n

i had to disable the 7th and 8th cores because i was getting whea errors, this one https://ibb.co/kBKOE7 ... and had a lot of those.. like 50k in 10 mins of any demanding app, after mutiple tests and failed OC i found the reason, one or both of those cores are bad, after i disabled those i can even do a good overclock with a low vcore as you can see in the pics.

thanks and advance, hope u can help me with this problem, i really like your app.

pd: sorry for the bad english.