Bus clock value too high on first measurement

Timur Born

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When I run sensors Bus Clock based and turn off periodic polling then I often have to restart HWinfo once or twice. The problem is that it very often reads/calculates the bus clock as a few MHz too high (2-3). With periodic polling this also happens, but then is corrected by the next poll.

This is on an AMD Ryzen 1800X + Asus Crosshair VI.
Unfortunately this is still happening in the latest release, so I have to keep periodic polling active to get proper numbers.
Yes, it's possible that especially during high system load the bus clock measurement can return values with lower precision.
But it mostly always happens when HWinfo is started (with periodic polling disabled). I hardly ever get a proper reading from the get go and thus always have to enabled periodic polling at least for a second to get a correct value. So maybe HWinfo should do something like read 3 polls at startup before stopping periodic polling.