can't install 7.66 over the 7.66-5270


Yo guys,
for some reason I can't Install the version 7.66 over the 7.66-5270.
I closed the 7.66-5270 before I tried to install the 7.66 but it does not work. There is still the old version on.
What am I supposed to do?
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What exactly means that you can't install it, what error or problem you do you see?
Try to re-download version 7.66 as there was build 5271 re-released to fix a bug in 5270.
There is no error reported. The installation just fails.
My first step is closing the 7.66-5270 version. Next step is installaing the 7.66 version.
After that this screen shows up: Screenshot 2023-11-18 213112.png

But there is still the old version installed. :(
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Fails with what error?
Try to uninstall v7.66, then re-download v7.66 and install.
Okay, no error was reported.
I just deinstalled the version 7.66-5270 and installed the 7.66. But the version 7.66-5271 is still installed now.
What can I do?
That's because of a re-release of v7.66 as build 5271:
That's because of a re-release of v7.66 as build 5271:
Thanks for support.
HWInfo64 7.665271 does not start automatically anymore even though autostart is activated. :(
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Check the HWiNFO task in Windows Task Scheduler. If it's not there, enable Auto Start in HWiNFO again.