Can't Run or Uninstall HWiNFO v5.90


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I am new here and I have been searching the forum to find answers to the issue I have encountered but I have
not succeeded.

I just installed HWiNFO v5.90v (Combined installer for automatic installation of HWiNFO32)

The PC is an older Compal AL51 Laptop running Windows XP (32 bit)
(the PC is specially configured for audio recording for a home studio = many services disabled, no internet connection, etc.)
 >>> I can share more details later, but I will start with the info below....

The SW appeared to install successfully but when I attemped to run the program it would begin to start up but then the PC
would go into Blue Screen with the following text:

STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
The Windows SubSystem system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x
c0000005 (0x7c9106c3 0x0069ed04).
The system has been shut down

The PC would appear to hang, fan stops running and the above message would remain on screen until I had to perform
a hard shutdown with power button.

After rebooting I attempted to remvoe HWiNFO via Windows "add remove programs"  and also via the HWiNFO
uninstall icon in program's folder. In both cases the same Blue Screen error above occurs as well as the same PC
behavour.  This happens after the "remove program" prompt pops up and after I click on the button to proceed
with the unistall.

I would like to remove the program...  but I am stuck.

An suggestions?



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Martin said:
Please try to run HWiNFO again with Debug Mode enabled and after rebooting from the BSOD attach the HWiNFO32.DBG file created for analysis as described here:
I will then analyze what's going on there.

Hi Martin

Thanks for your quick reply. Much appreciated.

I can't proceed with Debug Mode because I can't even open the program (like I stated already).

"... everytime when I attemped to run the program it goes straight into Blue Screen with the text > (see my previous post
and my attached photo).

The exact same thing happens when I try to uninstall the program. Ater the prompt pops up "Do you want to unistall...."
and after I click Yes it goes strait to the Blue Screen as well. 

I reinstalled the program (overwriting the first installation)...Again, no luck. All of the above still happens.

I am really stuck.  

Again, every time I try to start the program or try to remove it goes straight to BSOD message I posted earlier.

Are you at least able to open the initial welcome screen? I assume the BSOD happens after you click the Run button in the welcome screen.
Martin said:
Are you at least able to open the initial welcome screen? I assume the BSOD happens after you click the Run button in the welcome screen.

No, the welcome screen does not even start.

When opening the program it appears that something is happening for a split second and then it goes straight to BSOD.

I did a system restore on my PC to an earlier date. This of course removed the HWiNFO program. Otherwise my PC was, and is, running fine. FYI-2: I tried HWiNFO on my WIN 7 machine and it worked well there.

I am good for now and I will hold off on using this program on my old XP machine.
At least for my sake I won't need any further assistance with this.

Thanks again for the quick responses.

- Alf
That's very strange. HWiNFO doesn't access any hardware and there's no kernel access before you click Run.
This must be some failure in the Windows kernel, because an application that doesn't perform any such actions should not cause a BSOD.