Can't stop HWiNFO64 process


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I have recently downloaded HWiNFO64 to monitor my graphic card under Rainmeter.

The problem is that it worked when I installed it but never worked again after rebooting. I was not able to re-open it, so I decided to completely remove it to retry later. I uninstalled it successfully but I can't delete the remaining exe files. The problem is that apparently it is used by another program. So I checked the process list and indeed it is still running even if it is uninstall. I try to end the task in my task manager and nothing happend. I decided to run the cmd in admin. HWiNFO64.exe appear in the list (tasklist) and when I want to stop it via "taskkill /f HWiNFO64.exe", it tells me "process with PID 1324 can't be stopped. Reason : There are no instance of this task".

So I can't stop the process, I can't delete the files remaining, and I can't manage to run the HWiNFO64 even after re-installing.

I really don't want to format my computer so is there any solutions to either delete it completely or make it work ?

Thank you!


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Are you perhaps using MSI Afterburner with the HWiNFO plugin ? This would be then always restarting the HWiNFO application.


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At first I had MSI afterburner but then I uninstalled it and the problem persist. I have just re-install HWiNFO64 and rebooted and it seems that now the program is stuck at "Detecting ATA/SCSI drives".


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I have followed the asmedia solution and put the standard controller. I have successfully deleted the remaining files and the process is no longer executing. I have deleted everything and re-install HWiNFO64 from the beginning. The program is still stuck at "Detecting ATA/SCSI drives" even with the standard ATA controller driver.


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When uninstalling did you perhaps use any other software to help remove and delete residual files that usually are left behind?