Case intrusion sensor



is it possible to implement a feature to read the status of the case (chassis) intrusion sensor???
Yes, it is :) But it has never been considered an important feature and nobody asked for this yet ;)
I have just released build 1315 which implements this feature for the most common sensors.
Please let me know how it works.
Just a question, when is open it says "Chassis Intrusion --- Yes", so i suppose that when it doesnt appear the "Chassis Intrusion" entry is when is closed right?

Thanks a lot Martin :)
Hi Martin,
thanks for this new feature.

We are now having an issue with sensor ITE IT8721F, we are always having "Chassis intrusion --- Yes" even when we are sure that there is not. Also, we are having a bad reading of the voltages.

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The case intrusion sensor detection might be a 'sticky' information - it's reported as "open" until you reset that information. Does it report intrusion immediately after reboot?
As for the voltage readings, this mainboard needs specific adjustment. Please send me a HWiNFO32/64 Report File, Debug File including sensor data and a photo of the BIOS system health screen. Then I can fix it.
We have reseted the status of the chassis and we are still having "Chassis intrusion --- Yes".

We are checking on the bios and there is no info about +5v, +3v, +12v :|, do you think is possible to fix this? or is this the reason to get innacurate voltages info?

This is a new BIOS (graphical) that we havent seen before.



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I have verified the data I receive from chip and according to documentation there's really "Chassis intrusion" being reported.
I'll fix the voltage and temperature values (in next build) to be reported the same way as BIOS. AVCC3 is the +3.3V rail from which the sensor is powered, however +5V and +12V rails don't seem to be monitored on this mainboard (the BIOS doesn't report them too).