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I have a program with almost 2m users and I would like to integrate HWINFO.
I want to retrieve full system hardware info to give further recommendations for my users.
Like auto help with hardware problems etc.
My app is half-paid and this new function probably will be free.
Anyway what license should I buy to integrate hwinfo sdk into my app?

is there a discounts for partnership, I can add something like "Powered by HWiNFO" on all pages where hwinfo is used.
HWiNFO64 Pro cannot be used for such purposes because it can only be used by the licensed subject. The terms doesn't allow passing the license to 3rd parties like your users.
For your case the HWiNFO SDK would be the solution. Please contact me directly via e-mail for further discussion.
Could you provide your email please.
I've tried ----------- but it doesnt exists
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