Complete freeze of the pc with hwinfo64


Hi everyone!

Recently the program started to freeze the pc about 5 minutes after boot. All seems fine until program after program start to freeze, then the mouse freeze too and the only way to make it work again is to hard reset and uninstall the program. While freezing I can't even open the task manager to see what's happening. Without it all is fine. I tried to deactivate hpet mode, reset all settings and data of the program without success. The live and the beta give the same problem.

This happened after the recent windows patch and I also updated MB's bios, chipset and video drivers. My pc configuration:

cpu rayzen 1500x
ram corsair vengeance 2x8 Gb @3200
MB msi b350m mortar with bios 7A37v1E (2018-03-19), AMD Chipset 18.10.0418 (4/19/2018)
windows 10 64 newest patch

I atteched the debug report obtained. Thanks for help in advance.

p.s. the program is awesome
Is that DBG file capturing the freeze? If not please try to create such and after reboot grab and attach it.
That file was generated after the latest crash. Now I reinstalled the program, cleared all settings and I'm waiting to see if the problem appear again.
If you have HWiNFO configured for autostart with Windows, then if you reboot the machine after freezing it will start HWiNFO again and override the DBG file from the freeze.
Update: I have fresh reinstalled chipset/drivers with the newest MB bios released and for now the problem didn't manifested. Maybe the recent windows patch caused the caos? However the program stopped to capture the voltage / frequency fluctuations of cpu. Is there a solution to this? I reinstalled the program several times resetting options but with no improvement. I'll continue to keep the program in debug mode and no autostart just in case.
HWiNFO displays actual values obtained from hardware, so if you don't see the CPU to change clock/voltages it means it runs at a fixed P-State.
Check the Windows Power Plan or BIOS settings.
No because I did see volt and freq fluctuations even in this version of hwinfo, before the last win patch. I can see them now in cpu-z. I think something strange is messed up with my pc/software and at this point I think isn't related to hwinfo. since I use it to display cpu and gpu temperature on desktop it's not a big problem, as long as it don't block the pc anymore.

thanks anyway for your time.

Edit: right now the system slowed a lot and I restored it signing out and in again. hwinfo created a debug file but it's almost 40 Mb and this site can't accept it. Where can I upload it?