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hi guys,
i have some issues that my computer is restarting himself. I try HWiNF064 in combo with prime95 as you can see on the pictures. A friend told me, that the core effective clock is all time under the normal power (i got a ryzen 5 3600). My question is now, is he right and if yes what can i do? By the way i could reach a little bit a better performance after i changed rTC from 75 (Auto) to 54.
MSI x470 gaming plus max
corsair rm650
amd ryzen 5 3600
corsaid vengeance lpx 16g (2x8)
sapphire nitro + radeon rx 5700 xt
Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B

I hope you can help me and understand my Problem. Sorry for my bad english :)


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