core i7 and Thermal Monitor


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Good morning

I have a problem and that is displayed on my 920 is core i7

are Thermal Monitor 1 and Thermal Monitor supports 2 but the function is turned off.

But this is not so in the bios is thermal monitor on.

Is it a bug?

The report is annexed



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Which version of HWiNFO32 are you using, is it the latest one?
If yes, please attach the HWiNFO32 Debug File, so I can check it more deeply.
Hi Martin

Thank you for your quick help.

Version 3.60-973

I am sending the demand file. Oh theDebug File is to big to atttached :eek:

I send you a PM

Thank you for your help


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According to the data you supplied it really seems the TM1 and TM2 are disabled. So this might be a BIOS bug..
Hi Martin

yes it looks like a BIOS bug. In overclocked state T1 and T2 disabled

Screen clocked

in default mode, everything is okay.

Screen default

Gigabyte is informed and can fix it

Sorry that I have brought unrest

Thanks for your super fast help