Core Temp Sensors for Cores Thermal Margin


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Hi Martin,

In AMD Overdrive there is Status Monitor of Thermal Margin for Core0, Core1, Core2, Core3 etc. Each values are different so I think there is may be another sensor for temp for each cores.  But in HwInfo there is only one CPU0, how come?. Thanks before. *Edit attached new picture of AMD overdrive attached. Thank you..

*Edit: thermal margin values for each cores are the same, sorry.


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I doubt that's possible unless AMD is using some undocumented functions. It's more likely that those values are just samples taken from the same diode across a time delta.
I'm also sure that other tools read the same value as HWiNFO and just fake it by duplicating across other cores.
Why not try to put some load only on one core and see what temperatures are reported ?