Corsair Commander CORE XT not showing T Sensor or Fans in Hwinfo64. Help?


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Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me out here... I've been using Hwinfo for quite some time to monitor and display (RTSS/Tray, etc) temps and RPMs, power, voltage, and all the good stuff that Hwinfo can do. Recently I picked up a Corsair Commander CORE (not Commander PRO) as a fan hub and T sensor due to my motherboard not having enough of either. The core is plugged directly into the motherboard's USB2.0 and all the fans into the core along with the temp sensor for my coolant temp. All fans are indexed to the T sensor. Hwinfo reads all the usual values from the drive, gpu, cpu, motherboard, DIMMs, etc, but it does not pick up the Commander Core XT, therefore it will not show my coolant temp or my fan RPMs. I can see both of them in iCue, but not in Hwinfo?

Would any of you kind people out there have any info to share regarding this device / topic, or ideas to try?I've received no support from any Corsair forums and no Google searches have helped or shown that others have had this issue. I'd love to use an Octo or something, but availability of the Octo is so sparse that it's not realistic. Thank you.
I'm sorry but we don't have information about the protocol used by this device so we don't know how to retrieve this information. And Corsair obviously won't tell as they don't cooperate with anyone and have no intention to support other tools (which is quite rare but it's their choice).