Corsair RM1200X Shift no 5V and 12V and 3.3V false.


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I have this PSU since ~6 Weeks and so far i've tested it in four Systems.
A B550 Strix-f, Aorus Elite V2 rev. 1.2 B760 Gaming X and the Z790 Tomahawk DDR5.
The Voltages checked in Bios and with a PSU tester are exactly what they should be (3.302V, 12.1V 5.05V)
Hwinfo (Including the latest release) always reports the +3.3V Rail as 2.028V, the 12V and 5V Sensors don't exist.
This Problem is 100% reproducable by using ANY version of HWInfo64 (portable or installed)
12V Sensor (VR VIN) in this screenshot is from the ITE IT8689E.

Edit: all of my other PSUs that i tested (BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W Titanium, Straight Power 12 1200W Gold and Corsair RM750X 2021, EVGA GQ 750W Gold) are showing correct and complete values.
Screenshot 2023-05-15 013900.png
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Availability of those voltage sensors depends on mainboard but those you mentioned should support monitoring of those voltages.
When you swap a mainboard the set of available sensors changes and if you kept previous custom sensor settings, this might cause confusion. So you might need to Reset Preferences in HWiNFO to get this back to correct state.
I can also see that you have many values hidden, perhaps they are among those?