CPU FAN speed misreporting


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Hwinfo displays my fan speed hovering between 1800 and 1875. I know this value is incorrect because i can hear and feel the fan ramping to 100%, around 2700 and dropping to below 1200. I am having a problems with the fan speed overreacting to increases in cpu temp. Its hard to diagnose and fix the issue when I cant even get the fan speed to report correctly. To complicate the issue, I can change the reported value in HWINFO by adjusting the fan curve in software. When I do this the reported value in hwinfo matches the software but the actual fan speed does not change. Do you understand the issue? I suspected the fan speed software could be interfering with HWINFO so I uninstalled the software but HWINFO still is incorrectly reporting the RPMs. I have even tried changing fan headers using both CPU_OPT and CPU_FAN. The issue persisted with both configurations.

If anyone can help me trouble shoot the issue I would greatly appreciate it. Having my fans ramp to 100% when opening youtube is annoying. I have a 10700f cpu with 16gigs of ram and a 3080. I didnt start having the issue until I upgraded from a gigabyte B550 motherboard to a Aorus Z590. My next step is removing the cooler and repasting the CPU if I cant fix the issue with software.
So the fan speed reported in HWiNFO always matches the speed reported in the "software"? I suspect with "software" you mean ASUS AiSuite? Are you perhaps using a Y-splitter to connect the fan?