CPU Package min = 0°C.... ?


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I made a RealBench session on my computer.

See screenshot :

As you can see in HWInfo (Circled in red), CPU Package min = 0°C, which is of course not possible (Ambient = 22°C).

The CPU Package minimum value changed from something like 30°C or 31°C (I don't remember) to "0°C" during the test.

QUESTION : Does it mean the overclock is unstable and then HWInfo reports a bad value for "CPU Package min" or is it a HWInfo bug which can occur sometimes (Not linked to overclock stability or unstability) ?

I made several Realbench and Aida64 test sessions recently and this "0°C" never occured, even with same overclock settings.

Thank you for help.
This is most probably an erratic readout from the sensor, so certainly no problem with OC.
Also, running so many similar monitoring tools in parallel is not recommended, as it might cause collisions when accessing the hardware.
OK, thanks.

So, this overclock is "RealBench" stable and is not the root cause of this "CPU Package minimum = 0°C" ?

After all my efforts during the last week-end to stabilize this overclock, I am happy to learn that this overclock is "RealBench" stable and that this "CPU Package minimum = 0°C" is linked only to a HWInfo bug and not to an overclock instability !   :)
It's highly unlikely a bug in HWiNFO, but rather in the CPU sensor logic. Still not related to OC.
"Still not related to OC" => I like to read this :)

Honestly, I thought also it was not due to an instability of my overclock, but I wanted to get your final statement.

I AM 4.7GHz STABLE ! :)
As the developer of the computer, I can not guarantee you stable operation of the equipment outside the acceptable parameters guaranteed nodes throughout the range of operating conditions. Everything will depend on the specific instances of nodes and the time of their failure.