CPU Package Temperature Different For Intel DTS Sensor And Enhanced Sensor


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Hi HWinfo Forums!

I have recently considered reapplying thermal paste for my laptop since I saw temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius at idle on the CPU Package Temperature from the CPU Enhanced sensor. I decided to investigate further and the CPU Package and CPU Core Temperatures from the DTS sensor are reading around 60 degrees. Also, the DTS sensor maximum reaches the TjMAX of 100 degrees under load, but I have seen the temperature from the CPU Enhanced sensor go up to 103 degrees simultaneously.
Both CPU Package readings have the same on-hover description so I assume they are the same measurement, so what would cause this discrepancy? Which reading should I be looking at?
This might change my decision about changing the thermal compound as I am less concerned about 60 degrees at idle than 80 degrees at idle. My CPU is an Intel i7-10875H.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!