CPU speed is wrong

Under the sensor status, my cpu speed is too high.

My cpu is running at 4.0 ghz, but the core clock 0 and 3 are wrong.

Some other games even go as high as 7 ghz.


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What CPU do you have? Please attach the report file or screenshot of the System Summary window too.
Here it is. I added another screenshot of the cpu core 0 at 4.9 ghz.

core i7 920 @ 4.0 ghz
bloodrage motherboard
6gb ram
xfx 6950 2gb


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Clock fluctuations are normal because you have EIST enabled, so when the CPU is idle it switches to LFM (12 x 189.3 MHz = 2271 MHz).
All clocks up-to ~4.2 GHz (22xBCLK) are correct except the 4.9 GHz. That value seems to be miscalculated, I'll check how can that be fixed.
If you want to run always at a fixed frequency, then you need to disable EIST, however in that case your CPU will run out of specification.