cpu throttling undetected


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I am using HWiNFO mainly for the detection of throttling on my laptop - because sometimes the throttling is there, even if I am not aware of it, and seeing it in HWiNFO was the best way to tell me that I need for example to lower some graphic settings in some new game, or that it's time to clean the whole thing from the dust. For a longer while I haven't seen throttling in HWiNFO while playing my favourite games and I was a little bit surprised by it, because it was a normal thing in some games like PUBG, but I was like "Ok, I have cleaned the dust and keep my desk nice and clean since then, and that's why it's not throttling even if it shows high temps".

But today, I have experienced my biggest throttling experience of my life 3 times while playing Metro Exodus - for about a half a minute (maybe more, basically until it cooled down from 90something degrees to 70something) all the cores frequencies went from 3100 MHz to 700-800 MHz. I have turned on MSI Afterburner to see it on my display in real time while playing. HWiNFO was opened all the time, by all 3 occurances and... It hasn't shown any info about throttling, not even once.

Could it be a bug from the latest version? I attach the HWiNFO screenshot from my last game, basically I in the past I have seen the info about the throttling even with the temperatures around 94 degrees, now it was up to 98 and it hasn't shown throttling at all, what is more I have seen this throttling with my own eyes, which doesn't occur so often, and I think probably all the throttling issues I had in the past months playing PUBG were occuring still, but were just not shown there.

Are you perhaps running some other monitoring tool in parallel with HWiNFO?
Detection of CPU throttling is done by watching the throttling flag, which needs to be reset after the check. So if you're running some other tool that does the same, it might be resetting the flag before HWiNFO is able to catch it.
Thank you very much for your answer!
The time that I had those half minutes' throttlings - yes I had MSI Afterburner turned on. I had no idea that it checks this flag, but maybe indeed it does (can you confirm it?).
The time I took the screenshot above - MSI Afterburner was turned off, and no other programs that could influence it. I cannot be fully sure that I had a throttling this time because I haven't felt it, but in the past whenever I saw temperatures above 96 - there was always a throttling flag on.
I will make further stress tests without MSI Afterburned in the background and I will come back with the feedback.
I have no insight into MSI Afterburner so I can't tell you for sure what exactly it does.
Ok, that was MSI Afterburner that has reset the flag. Or, you have updated something, because I have just downloaded the newest version 6.26 ;)
Most importantly, it works, thank you!