Custom Polaris GPUs (RX 480) incorrect parameters

Hi, Martin!

I've found something interesting:
Just before changing the version from 2955 to your new 2977 I was playing with the WattTool (a tool for the RX 4xx series):

And after that, just at the very end of the list of the sensors in HWINFO I've found new sensors called "GPU Chip Power".
Are they yours or his? Because I remember that the author of the WattTool said that the sensor he put in the GUI for the GPU chip displays exactly the same power consumption as the GPU-Z.
I moved manualy the sensors under corresponding GPUs and guess what? They display like GPU-Z!

Not sure what exactly do you mean with "yours", but all those sensors belong to the GPU ;)
OK, so let me explain the situation.
Before build 2977, HWiNFO had already support to read the GPU power from driver. However that function didn't work anywhere I have seen until Crimson 16.9.1, where AMD enabled this for Polaris GPUs. What a surprise ;) So even with older HWiNFO versions you could see GPU Power when using the mentioned drivers on Polaris.
The fact that the sensor appeared at the bottom of the list is because you have changed order of items and in this mode when a new sensor appears, it's placed at the end of the list instead of the respective sensor heading (HWiNFO doesn't know where to insert it when the user uses custom order of items).
Now, what's new in build 2977 is that HWiNFO is also able to report this power value for GPUs starting with Hawaii and regardless of the driver version used.
Not exactly sure how other tools read this value, but I suppose they use the same technique as the value seems to be consistent.
But remember - this value is just an estimation the GPU uses, probably also to maintain the power limit.
So the 16.9.1 gives us the sensor... Nice :D
And this ends the case :)

Big, big, big thanks for your help and sharing w/ your knowledge!

Martin said:
Then I believe the fan tachometer doesn't properly report 0 RPM and just holds the last value. I don't know how to fix this problem yet.

some progress with this?
I don't think so. This is a matter of the GPU firmware, and unless they fix it I can't do anything.
I guys im new... great software i have a question or a problem.... in my pc i dont see the fan speed %, just the rpm. Both cpu and GPU i have a sapphiere nitro+ oc 8gb. I try the stable version and the new beta and the same.... i clear the registry and nothing...
I try in my work and the same no fan speed for cpu here i dont have a external gpu... I'm missing something? Thanks and sorry for my english.
CPU fan speed is usually reported in RPM only, for some GPUs it's possible to report the percentage as well, but it depends on the particular model.
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File from the machine with GPU where you don't see fan speed % and I will check that.
Here is... 


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Thank you, but the attached files do not contain sensor information.
You need to open the sensors window before creating the report file and closing HWiNFO. Please repeat the procedure.
Sorry here is the good...



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Well, according to those files you should see the GPU Fan Speed %. Are you sure it's not in the sensors list, can you post a screenshot of it too ?
It's possible that if the fan speed was 0% when you started HWiNFO this entry was not present.
That's because in such case it's not possible to know whether the fan is just not spinning, or not present at all. But once the counter starts providing non-zero values it should appear in the sensors list.