Display driver crashing with hwinfo64 running

Joe Q

I ran into a weird problem a week ago. I ran 3dmark Timespy n Firestrike as I normally do when I’m trying to check on my hardware n temps. But both tests were causing a black screen followed by everything coming back up, with a nice log in event viewer saying my display driver has crashed and recovered. Tried again. Same crash. Once I shut down hwinfo I was able to run both tests for multiple runs with no issue. So I guess my question is.. is that user error on my part or something else I should look into? Issue persisted on two GPUs with no tweaking on my end.
I’m sorry. It was late. It’s an RTX 2070 Super. Full specs are r7 3700x, rtx 2070s, 16 gb ram@3600mhz, Corsair rm750x psu. Running Windows 10 2004. Nvidia driver 442.59 (latest drivers haven’t performed great for me)
In this case HWiNFO monitors the GPU via NVIDIA libraries. So if you see such issues, it's a problem in NVIDIA drivers.