"Divide Value by" for OSD?


Would it be possible to add the "divide value by" feature from the traybar to the OSD?

I have an old Innovatek Flowmeter Pro 3.6, that gives out a signal of 2700 RPM for a flow of a liter per hour. I can divide that value by 45 on the system tray to get the correct liters per hour shown in the traybar. I have not found that field in the OSD-section of the same entry, so I guess that option ist not avaible?


You can divide the main value in the Custom tab, that will affect all values including tray and OSD.
Thank you for the quick reply. :)

I must admit I have never been in this tab since I started to use HWinfo (at least since 2014).

Now it works in tray and onscreen.