Doesn't support SHA256, needs KB3033929, all components didn't install, program still won't run

HWInfo v610 x64,
Win 7 Pro
Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P AMD based MB

I have used HWInfo before, some time ago (a few years) and didn't have any of this hassle.

I tried to install the M$ KB patch, it reported not all components were installed. The program still errors out with the message;
"Can't install the driver because the O/S doesn't support sha256 signing" SIX times.

Ok what's wrong?
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HWiNFO requires that KB otherwise it cannot install and use its driver.
However, Microsoft allows installing that KB only on activated/genuine systems. Is your system such?
First verify in the installed programs if that KB has been installed.
If yes and HWiNFO still reports an error, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
The program won't run because it won't/can't install your/it's driver. I've never 'ran' the program. What's with this SHA256 signing?? More M$ crap?
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64-bit drivers need to be digitally signed, otherwise the operating system refuses to install them.
Initial signing algorithm was based on SHA-1, which was however deprecated due to security reasons a few years ago and now only SHA-256 is accepted. All new drivers need to be signed with SHA-256 and we (developers) need to buy pretty expensive certificates to achieve this.
Problem is that initial Windows 7 didn't have support for SHA-256, which was added only later using that KB.
I don't know why your system refuses to install that KB, but if your copy is genuine, you should check with Microsoft support. Because of that lack you might run into similar issues with other newer system software/drivers as well.
Ok, fair enough. I'm more than aware W7 is dated, but the hassles with W10 isn't for me. Linux will be next. Thanks for your time.