Driver Update Only Opens Main Website


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In HWiNFO64, portable or installed (ran as admin), upon clicking "Driver Update" or going to the "esupport" dropdown , it just opens in my browser and that's it. Hovering over it says "Scan your computer for the latest drivers", but of course that doesn't happen and it opens the website...

Am I doing something wrong, or is it bugged or what?


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Driver Updates (a 3rd party solution) is temporarily disabled due to some issues. We expect this to be resolved soon.
What is the current status of the Driver Update feature? IIRC, it used to open a browser to some 3rd party driver update program that cost money. Now when I click the button it doesn't do anything. Has this feature or 3rd party link been abandoned? If yes, why does the button for it still show up in the Sensor panel? I am running HWINFO64 Pro v7.16-4650 if that matters. Thanks in advance.
Hmmm...OK. It does nothing when I click on it. I will try my other system and see if it works there. It's not a big deal because I already have reliable sources for driver updates. I was just curious. Any idea what would prevent this from working? If not, no worries.