Duplication of Tray Icons


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Occasionally my tray icons (displaying my battery percentage and charge rate) will duplicate to the right, showing static values at the time of their duplication.
Currently my laptop is on 36%, and the 52 to the left is the percentage at which the icon was duplicated.
Happy to provide further info if needed, and I'd rather send the debug and report file directly to whoever may address the issue.

Thanks for any help
Are those duplicated items coming from HWiNFO? You might check this in tray icons settings of HWiNFO.
It looks really weird as those are overlapping other items, so it rather looks like a glitch in Windows GUI.
Yes, it could be that. I turned off the two sensors in the tray icons settings and the two on the left disappeared, but the two behind ENG-US remained.
I understand that if it's not HWin it's not your area, but any idea what I could do to fix the glitch? It's been happening most days for the past few months, resets whenever I log off/shutdown.
Are you running some other tool that might be showing those values? What happens if you right-click those icons?
Not able to right-click, the dictionary icon is in front of them.
I'm running a program called TaskbarX for a transparent taskbar, but I disabled that and it didn't affect the icons. Realigning the Tb to centre (win11) doesn't affect it either.