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I just realized that HWinfo64 creates so many toggle, on Windows 11 Pro 22621.1848 settings\personalization\task bar\other system tray icons (for more information pleas see attached image)

Because of that, I'm scared to update HWinfo64. because everytime I updated it (uninstall and install the new one), it creates new toggle on settings.

How to clear it?


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There must be some icon configured for appearance in the tray/notification area. Check the "In Tray" column if you see some active.
You might also try to completely "Reset Preferences" in HWiNFO to get rid of all such icons.
I have the same problem. I installed HWiNFO over a year ago to help me with an overheating problem on my laptop. That problem's fixed, and I uninstalled HWiNFO a year ago, but I still have scores of HWiNFO64 icons in the "Other System Tray Icons" in taskbar settings. I even downloaded and ran the portable version of HWiNFO to try the above suggested fixes and they're still there. The attached shows just one page of them, but there are many, many more. I think they're from just about every time HWiNFO displayed the temperature on the taskbar.


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Applications cannot control exact order or appearance in the notification area, this is fully managed by Windows.
I think there are some ways or tools to clean up that mess and it was already discussed here.
The issue seemed to be that HWiNFO was leaving the icons behind. I had close to 100 of them in the Taskbar/Settings "Other system tray icons" list. Very irritating. I had even uninstalled HWiNFO a year ago and this junk was still there. Turns out the uninstall removed HWiNFO from the Programs List and the Add/Remove programs list, but the HWINFO folder and executable were still in the Programs folders. I deleted that folder and all's well. So my problem is resolved.
I have the same issue - duplicate icons in system tray Started when I went to update HWINFO but the install aborted saying access denied. I uninstalled and deleted the hwinfo directories in program files and reinstalled. The reinstalled worked not but I have duplicate HWINFO system icon files for core and gpu temp (why I wanted the program). Ran a cmd file that clears the reg entries see https://winaero.com/how-to-reset-taskbar-notification-icons-in-windows-11/ but that didn't work - still showing up even if I remove hwinfo completely. Tried removing the icons from settings in the program but they still persist in system. I believe this is a windows 11 issue and there appears to way to resolve short of reinstalling windows.
Found the solution. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us...m/8790797a-ccb2-43d8-bacb-a5bfc3d7e399?page=2

See the last entry by Charmaine.Kavanagh

"I found a resolve.

  1. Navigate HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\NotifyIconSettings
  2. Right-click NotifyIconSettings and choose Delete.
  3. Exit the Registry Editor
  4. Go to Taskbar Manager, restart Windows Explorer"

I rebooted windows after deleting the key in the registry above. The key is recreated clean with duplicate entries removed.

You have to go back in and enable the HWINFO sensor icons to appear again.