Enabling ADL makes the AMD Fury crash

Liquid temp is also gone ....

GPU VDDC is wrong as well ...

So AMD has cancelled support of a method I used to report temperatures like HBM, Liquid, VR, VRM in the latest Crimson ReLive.
They have replaced it with a new method, but that one gives me the same value for all temperatures, even those that are certainly not present on a particular board (i.e. HBM or Liquid temperature on an RX 480).
Working with AMD to resolve this...

I cannot reproduce the VDDC problem, for me it gives correct values in idle and load too.
AMD fixed the lost temperatures in Crimson ReLive 16.12.2, which will also require a HWiNFO update (scheduled for release on Dec-22) to work properly.
Crimson ReLive 16.12.1 is unfortunately broken and using later HWiNFO versions will report the same temperatures for all sources there.
In my last post I was on stock ROM with Crimson v16.12.1.

Now installed newer version of HWiNFO and Crimson v16.12.2, I'm on a custom ROM at the moment. GPU-Z and MSI AB show correct VDDC but not HWiNFO. Shall I do a debug file?
Cheers Martin  :) , after running debug mode I also uninstalled HWiNFO via control panel, deleted install dir, reinstalled and VDDC still incorrect.



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Thanks for the data, I found the problem. It's because later AMD drivers report erratic VDDC. While I was relying on those values (rather than my own calculations) only for some GPU generations or situations where the driver output was clearly wrong, it seems I need to trust my methods even more. Will fix this in the next build.