EPYC Rome ES CPU temperature


HWinfo sensors: CPU Die (average) is IMHO nonsense. in the IPMI sensor page is nothing hot.

IPMI sensors
Thanks for the important picture, may cpu is B0 stepping and the temp in ipmi is not as high as the die average, from you picture I see your CPU also high in this die average temp, so I think it's probably because of the ES stage CPU.
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Ok, but EPYC with windows and running hwinfo is hard to find.
If it helps... I'm running a Production Sample EPYC 7252 on bare metal here under Windows 10 1809. Noticing a similar trend with the CPU Die (Average) temp accordingly which may point to this not being an ES exclusive issue or even specific to 7452/7502 for that matter. There is barely any load on the CPU at the moment.

I would be happy to lend myself to any further testing needed.

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Well, then this seems to be an issue of the SMU which calculates such a high average value.
There's a new feature in works now, which is currently just waiting for AMD's approval: per-core temperature monitoring. If this gets approved (which I expect/hope to happen in the next couple of days), it would give you a better insight into individual temperatures to confirm what's correct and what isn't.
Hi, I know this topic has been quit for a while but I have run into the same issue with an AMD Epyc 7302p that I purchased from Ebay. This is from running Prime 95 with only 5 cores (10 threads) (of 16/32). This only causes 82W consumption and the highest core temp is 52.7C, yet the average is 95.3C. Since there aren't that many Epyc systems running on Windows apparently, I thought I'd share a screenshot.

Has there been any news on this since 2021?
Is this average reported by the CPU or this calcualted within HWiNFO?

Screenshot 2023-09-30 150027.png
Sorry, no news. Looks like a problem in the CPU firmware (SMU).
Try to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version if that will help.