External Temperature Sensor Hang up


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I dont think ive managed to catch the error on the debug files.

it has been a persistent error for a few months, on w10 and w11 clean builds. only other software that may interfere are msi afterburner, rtss and ai suite, but i dont this is causing it as msi doesnt read WATER_OUT from mobo, rtss reads the value from hwinfo. i have looked and searched around for people with similar faults for a while before coming here

I have an external water temperature sensor plugged into the WATER_OUT header on my mobo.
this functions correctly and is read correctly by HWINFO64, however it frequently freezes (in tray and in sensors screen). the program doesn't crash and the other sensors continue reporting correctly.
resetting start/stop min/max values doesnt fix it, however when closing and reopening hwinfo64 it will continue reporting the correct value for a while. i notice this happens regularly and soon (within an hour i would guess) after starting as the temperature is usually low then i will do things or play games and obviously if the cpu/gpu are running for a while and my water temp is still saying 25 its a bit of a giveaway.

it may be a settings i have misconfigured or something minor, but using HWINFO64 and RTSS is really useful, specially as i built the loop myself and dont trust the water to not overhead and warp the pipes so i like to keep an eye on it.

thanks, Paco


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Try to completely uninstall ASUS AI Suite including all its sub-components. This is known of causing collisions with other monitoring tools and can result in such behavior.
Cheers, that's the only bit of software I thought might affect it. I'm away for the week, I will test it and let you know if its sorted in the next week or so.
Thanks a lot