False 12V voltage reading after BIOS update



After upgrading my motherboards BIOS (Asus Prime X470-Pro) 12V shows only 10.1-10.2V. In the BIOS itself the 12V rail shows normal voltages, around 12-12.1V. It's not just HWiNFO that shows a much lower value, other softwares also has this problem. Could it be corrected some way? Thanks in advance!

Edit: log attached.


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Thanks, this is a BIOS bug. I will notify ASUS about this so that they fix it.
New BIOS update arrived (5204) and the issue is fixed! :)
I'm glad that Asus kept their promises and fixed this bug. I also hope that their WMI implementation is also fixed, so no more randomly stopping fans (or going max RPM) will happen.

Thank you for your help Martin! :cool:
Oh, finally! I was going to ping them again when I saw you posted :D
Thanks for the feedback.
With the new BIOS 5216 WMI seems to be fixed now. Running all kind of monitoring software to test it in the past days, and no problems so far.