Fan Control looses settings


Fan Control is set to Custom Auto with individual settings.

Click on "System Auto" will enable system default behavior.

Click on "Custom Auto" will give empty settings. Old settings should remain.

Closing Screen and clicking fan icon will again activate stored individual settings.

Also: Clicking "System Auto" will max out the fan speed bar, but highest value is 2800, not 4500 in my case. Slider needs to be moved to left, then right again to have the correct value.

Maybe the behavior should be changed a bit.

a) Click on Fan Icon should not enable custom auto automatically, but only show the dialog.
b) "Custom Auto" should be renamed to "Set Custom". After leaving, it should be turned on. Thus identical behavior as now.
c) Next to "System Auto" make a new button "Custom Auto" which just turns on the individual settings.
This is normal behavior - "Custom Auto" should not be mixed with "System Auto" mode. As long as "Custom Auto" mode is active, it will always override other modes requested.
I think we have a misunderstanding here. The settings will not be mixed. It is just not possible to switch between both. Once I turn system settings on, I can not switch back to custom settings, as they are lost.
Sorry. So this is intentional - when System Auto is set, it cancels the Custom settings, so they don't interfer with auto mode. This is for a case when something might go wrong with fan control, so the user can hit System Auto and immediately revert the mode back to default control.
Also, the starting of automatic mode when opening fan control is intentional - to allow users to autostart HWiNFO with fan control immediately after logging in to Windows without the need to press/setup anything.
ok, I understand.

This leaves only my intention to switch easily between system auto and custom settings. Currently I have to close the fan dialog and open it again to get my custom settings back. I believe, there is a better solution.
I'll change this so, that when System Auto is clicked, it will internally disable Custom mode and not loose the Custom settings.