fan control, stripped


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I am new on the forum but been using HWiNFO for many years with great satisfaction.
now am working on a Dell Optiplex 790 SFF and am very pleased with the fan controls provided with HWiNFO64: I appreciate I can run the fan(s) at lower speed when the PC is not under stress (at 0 speed the fans just run at lower but still safe speed). Unfortunately Dell does not provide any customizable controls.
Now I get  to the question:
is there an option to "export" the fan controls from HWiNFO into some sort of stripped executable file with a smaller footprint for controlling those fans? Alternatively is possible to run automatically HWiNFO in the background with custom fan controls when entering windows without pressing the fan control button?
No, fan control is integral part of HWiNFO only and not available as a different tool.
Fan control can be activated automatically at startup using the "OpenFanCtrlMin=1" option in the INI file. This has been discussed several times on this forum.
Again on the fan control, where are the custom settings stored?
I mean if I reinstall windows will a copy of the old .ini file restore the previous fan setting?
No, these settings are kept in the registry. You can export them using the "Backup User Settings" button in main HWiNFO settings.