Fan Speed monitor shows double actual speed


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On my MSI 990FXA-GD80 board, I've noticed that the HwInfo Fan Speed sensor seems to be reading double the fan's actual speed.

For instance, currently it shows 2100RPM, whereas MSI Control Center shows 1043RPM.

I'm using the latest beta of HwInfo64 v4.11-1825.
Please attach a HWiNFO Report File and Debug File which include Sensor data too. Also ideal would be if I could see a screenshot of HWiNFO Sensors side-by-side with MSI Control Center sensor values.
Here you go.



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Thanks for the data.
It's possible that MSI Control Center could have influence on the fan speed reported by HWiNFO...
If you start HWiNFO before (or without) MSI Control Center does it then show the correct speed (~1000 RPM) ?
Can you also try to reboot the system, don't start MSI Control Center and check what fan speed HWiNFO shows ?
Thanks, that does seem to be the cause and without MSI CC running it reports ~1000RPM.

I thought that I saw the higher speed in HwInfo before I even installed MSI CC today but I'm probably getting confused! Either that or the previous version (I just updated) did show the wrong speed but the former's more likely :)
Would be interesting to run more tests to prove if this is really the cause.
If you would submit one Debug File (with sensor data) while running HWiNFO without MSI CC (and showing correct RPM) and another Debug File while running togetherwith MSI CC, then I could look if there's a way how to handle such situation...