Feature Request: Add "Logging" settings page.

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Add a "Logging" settings page, where users will be able to customize settings as Polling rate*, file format and which sensors we want to track.

Example settings page:

Polling rate: 60000 ms
File format: .txt
Items separator: _
Time format: Default
Sensors: GPU Temperature; Physical memory Available;
Path: C:/Users/*******/Desktop

* Log polling rate separate than the sensor's page polling rate.

This way, users who want to log their computer for much time, won't get a file like this: (3236 lines is a little bit too much...)
log.jpgNote that to make the log readable, I had to open the .csv with the notepad, save it as .txt and then open the .txt using excel to make the values readable. Before doing this, it looked loke this:
My requests:
1) "Logging" settings menu with options such as "Polling rate", "File format", "Items separator", "Date/time format", "Sensors" and "Path".
2) Support for more file formats, like .LOG, .XTM, .CSV, .HTM, .MHT

Thanks you for reading this and hope you will implement these features soon.
I know that "Date/time format", "Path", "Items separator" and .CSV are already available. But it would be nice to be able to choose file format or sensors to monitor. So, basically I request adding:
1) More file formats
2) Log polling rate setting, DIFFERENT than the polling rate for the sensors page.
3) An option for choosing specific sensors to monitor in the log file.

If any of these already exists, please tell me how to find / use it.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Also sorry for any grammar/spelling errors.
3) is possible via the "Custom" tab of sensor settings, "Logged" checkbox. I admit that this option might be a bit difficult to spot.